Do Different States Mean Different Costs?

Youth sports play a massive role in many parents’ lives. We are constantly shuffling kids from practice, private coaching, games, training, and tryouts. We all hope our children will not need medical attention, but there is a high probability you will find it throughout a youth sports career. This is the story of my kids […]

American Rescue Plan & Health Insurance

President Biden officially signed into law H.R 1319 aka American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 on March 11, 2021.   One of the goals of the law is to expand Health Insurance by making it more affordable. Marketplace Tax Credits Expansion on Health Insurance Under the new law, people that purchase individual and family Health […]

Premium Credits To Employer Insurance Plans

With shelter-in-place orders across the country, there has been a considerable drop off in medical services as result insurance companies are returning some of the premiums to employers in the form of credits. Each carrier is taking a different approach: On health plans- an employer could receive anywhere from 5%- 15% credit based on a […]

Trump Admin. Releases Final Rule on Short-Term Health Insurance

Short Term Health Insurance Final Rule 36 months of coverage Short-term health insurance is a policy that is very similar to pre-affordable care act coverage.  The plan does not cover preexisting conditions and requires underwriting.  If your accepted, the cost is 50%-60% less than an ACA product. These plans are also using traditional PPO networks, […]

Agents Will Be Part of Health Care Reform & Our Advice is Still FREE

There has been a lot of news about the government trying to replace Health Insurance Agents with non-licensed, non-insured and in-experienced “navigators” whom will be paid by the government and have less than 20 hours of training. The government has now realized they cannot successfully implement this extremely complicated law without agents. The government is now […]

Group Health Insurance and Temp Employees

Washington Post reported on the use of  Temp Employees to help keep companies below 50 employees. This is very interesting article because is establishes a strategy of keeping a group from paying a penalty for not providing group health benefits. From the article, there looks to be a loop hole with providing coverage to Temporary employees. This could […]

Where Will You Buy Health Insurance in 2014

Next year where will you get health insurance from? Health Insurance will come from the same places that you are buying it from today. It may be delivered in a different platform. Currently you purchase health insurance from the individual market, employer sponsored group health plan, COBRA, HIP, Medicaid or Medicare. In 2014, you purchase health insurance from […]

TraveI Insurance

Anytime you travel outside the United States, one should look at taking out a Travel policy. Most health insurance policies will have some level of coverage for travel but it is not enough. Most Indianapolis based health insurance policies will cover emergency room visits as in network. One issue that you will run into is […]

Indiana Union Health Insurance

Indianapolis Union Health Insurance Carve out   A lot of Union shops have a handful of non union employees in Indianapolis.  Owners have a option when it comes to health insurance for these employees. Depending on the Union contract, the owner could choose to put these employees on their own group health plan. It just […]

Status Of Health Insurance

As we enter 2013, there are huge changes on the horizon for health insurance locally and the rest of country.   Here are few of the bullet points of what health care reform is suppose to put into place.   •             Administrative simplification begins •             Annual fee on medical device sales begins •             Deduction for expenses allocations to […]