Customer Service

When it comes to health insurance and employees ’benefits, few people like dealing with insurance companies.  That is why our goal is to make a client’s interactions with the insurance industry as painless as possible. Our customer service model is based on personal attention. When a problem arises, we act with a sense of urgency to resolve that issue with quick turnaround time.

Nefouse & Associates has been and will continue to be a successful independent brokerage because of the ability to deliver a high level of customer service.

Our experience and relationships in the insurance industry give us an advantage in solving problems.  With our 40+ years of experience, there are not too many problems we have not resolved. That’s not to say a new issue will not arise that will need additional research to solve.

Customer service communications have changed to a more online model, and we have embraced it. We understand that clients do not have as much time as they once did for insurance-related issues. There might not be time for a face to face meeting or even limited time for a phone conversation.    We also have not forgotten the value of the face to face meeting, and we still provide that level of service.

We understand that every group is different and what they expect from a broker when it comes to customer service.  There is no one fit all template when it comes to providing customer service. We tailor our customer service to each client.

Another option is a fully customized wellness program. Nefouse & Associates can recommend organizations that provide these choices. We are not compensated for the wellness programs we recommend. Our goal is to make sure that wellness vendors bring the most competitive priced program to the table.

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