Indianapolis Union Health Insurance Carve out


A lot of Union shops have a handful of non union employees in Indianapolis.  Owners have a option when it comes to health insurance for these employees.

Depending on the Union contract, the owner could choose to put these employees on their own group health plan. It just takes two W2 employees to form a group.

An owner will look at this option for a couple of reasons but the big one is a reduction cost.  Most union health plans are very rich and costly. A company could choose to design their own group health plan for the non union employees. The owner now has control over the health plan. They can choose plan design, contributions levels, waiting periods, wellness programs and employee education.

If you have 4 non union employees  and it costs $38K a year to insure them on the union plan, why not look to save $15K-$18K by forming a small group plan?