As we enter 2013, there are huge changes on the horizon for health insurance locally and the rest of country.   Here are few of the bullet points of what health care reform is suppose to put into place.


•             Administrative simplification begins

•             Annual fee on medical device sales begins

•             Deduction for expenses allocations to the Part D subsidy for  eliminated

•             Employee notification of access to Exchanges

•             FSA contributions limited to $2,500

•             High earner tax begins (applies to individuals)

•             PCORI fee increases to $2 per member/year

•             W-2 reporting of the value of employer sponsored


Individual health plans and small group health plan will operate the same as they did in 2012. There is still going to be an underwriting process for both lines of coverage.

This year, we should know how the Federal Exchange is going to operate.  This is the essential part of the health care reform laws that will impact most people.  Through the exchange residents should be eligible for subsides. These subsidies could be significant to the point where some people pay no more than 9.5% of house hold income towards health insurance premium.