Health Insurance Narrow Networks

IBJ Anthem announced the development of a Narrow Network in Wisconsin. The narrow network is a limited preferred provider organization (PPO). This new network arrangement is not just for Wisconsin but the entire country. The health insurance industry is working on reducing costs and one way to do this is to negotiate deeper network discounts.  […]

Who has the best health insurance in Indiana?

This is a very broad question because one has to know what is important to them with their health insurance. When searching for a health insurance company it is best to see advice from a local broker. The local broker will represent multiple companies and know market conditions. This is important knowledge that will lead […]

Penalty for Not Having Health Insurance

Under the Affordable Car Act there will be penalties for not having health insurance. In 2014, the penalty for not caring health insurance will be $95, or 1% of taxable household income. By 2016, the penalty will rise to $695 per person, with a cap of $2,085  per family or 2.5% of house hold income. […]

Indiana’s New Governor’s Impact on Health Insurance

The next Governor of Indianapolis is going to have a huge impact on health insurance in the state. The first decision the Governor will have to make is on the Essential Benefits. It is the responsibility of each state to form the Essential Benefits.  The essential benefits are a set of health care service categories […]

Calorie Labeling under the Health Care Law

  Calorie Labeling under the Health Care Law  Here is one aspect of the health care law that has had really little attention. Calorie labeling! Under the health care reform law all restaurants with 20 locations must disclose calories on the menus and menu boards. Sodium, fat content and other nutritional information would have to […]

Anthem and the Treatment of Autism

There have been some changes with Anthem and the treatment of Autism in the state of Indiana. If you or member of your family is receiving benefits for services for the treatment of Pervasive development Disorder (PDD) and are currently covered with Anthem there are big changes. This is based in part by the Law […]

Obesity Under The Health Care Law

    The rate of obesity in our country has grown drastically and it affects everyone. Now under the U.S. health care reform law of 2010 employers are able charge obese workers 30 percent to 50 percent more for health insurance if they decline to participate in a qualified wellness program. There are proven statics […]

Individual Long Term Care Market

Over the last three years, Unum , Guardian, MetLife, Allianz and now Prudential have all exited the Individual Long Term Care market. There looks to be a real possibility that this market will cease to exist.  Insurance companies are unable to predict the long term cost of assisted living. They claim they are unable to […]

Group Health Insurance For Trucking Companies

  Indianapolis small trucking companies can face difficulties providing a group health insurance. There is variety of reason why this is. The biggest obstacle is participation. Many truck drivers will not pay large portions of their premium. This industry can sometimes have higher claims utilization than which lead to higher premiums. The higher premium then […]

Health Insurance under the Health Care Reform

The department of health and Human Services released guidance on two key components that will affect the level of protection a private insurance policy will provide under health care reform. 1st  Involves the services the insurance policy must cover 2nd  Involves how much the insured must pay for out of pocket services. The services that […]