New insurance concept: the self-insured medical reimbursement plan

ZaneBenefits is the leader in helping to self-administer employer reimbursement for employee medical expenses. In fact, they are the one of the few companies that will do this. This is one of the most controversial concepts out there. Zane believes that this is a legal approach to reimburse medical expenses for the employees from a […]

Small Group Health Insurance Renewal

Small group health insurance renewal from July 1 to the end of the year just got really interesting. If you have been following my blog posts, then you may have read an article titled “What Is “Grand Mothering” And How It Will Impact You?” Grand Mothering is the ability to keep your current group health […]

HHS Secretary Testified On The Health Care Law Here at Nefouse and Associates we know how everyone enjoys watching C-Span especially when it comes to health insurance.  So I have watched it for you and will give you the update. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius testified on the impact of the 2010 health care law. The Secretary job is to […]

Health Care Repeal Debate

There is going to be big news on these debate. The repeal passed the house and now it’s on to the Senate. Most experts give it little hope in the Senate. What is interesting about this debate is both side are really only focused on a small % of the total law.  The law has specific […]

Employee Health Insurance

Indianapolis based companies are having less options for group health insurance. In the last year we have seen multiple carriers pull out of the health insurance market. Principal recently announced that they will no longer provide group health insurance in the state of Indiana and the rest of the country. Humana has chosen to no […]

Anthem’s Disease Management for Indiana Small Group

Anthem recently launched Wellness 360. This site is to help members control and better understand their health care. There are a multiple of programs that can help with lifestyle changes and disease management. By using these programs you could reduce your health care spending by half and have a much clearer picture of your health. […]

Small Group Tax Credit Extends To Dental And Vision Benefits

The small group tax credit, which will benefit millions of small businesses, has just become more attractive. That’s because the IRS has just released new details clarifying that the tax credit also applies to premiums for dental and vision benefits – not just health benefits. And there’s more good news:  Eligible companies that already get […]

Industry Groups Comment to HHS on Medical Loss Ratios

The Medical Loss Ratio is very critical to the health insurance industry. This MLR is going to have a huge effect on carriers profits and how they operate. In fact we could see some carriers drop out of certain markets reducing the already limited choices of carriers. The HHS has to clarify the laws on  the […]

Indiana Tax Credits for Small Group Health Insurance

Under the new health care reform tax credits will become available for small business  health plans. The first issue to address does my company quality? With premiums increases every year a tax credit could help a small business keep a health plan in place. Effective January 1, 2010, tax credits are available to qualifying small businesses that offer health insurance […]