Anthem recently launched Wellness 360. This site is to help members control and better understand their health care. There are a multiple of programs that can help with lifestyle changes and disease management. By using these programs you could reduce your health care spending by half and have a much clearer picture of your health. Listed are a few of the programs that are available for members.

Get Guidance

360° Health offers guidance


Anthem experts provide the right guidance, so members get the help they need, whenever they need it. Whether they’re looking for quick information, a weight loss program, a live nurse on the phone or even a personal health coach, with 360° Health, our members have access, 24/7.

The 24/7 NurseLine provides members with anytime, toll-free access to nurses for answers to general health questions and guidance with critical health concerns. Callers can also access the Audio Health Library for confidential recorded messages about hundreds of health topics.


MyHealth Coach teams members with a health coach or a personal nurse that acts as a health and lifestyle resource. Health coaches also help members understand how to best use their health benefits.


Healthy Lifestyles is a wellness program that includes online and coaching support from health professionals to help members take steps toward improving their health. Key areas include weight management, stress management, physical activity, diet and nutrition, and smoking cessation.


Future Moms provides moms-to-be with telephone access to nurses to discuss pregnancy-related concerns. This program provides an educational packet, which includes a book about pregnancy, a questionnaire to evaluate risk for preterm delivery and other tools to help track pregnancy week-by-week.


NICUis a neonatal-intensive-care-unit program providing support for high-risk newborns with nurses who help coordinate NICU care between parents and medical professionals. Onsite support is available in select states.


MyHealth Advantage provides timely alerts in the mail, called MyHealth Notes, which notify members of possible health opportunities, gaps in medical care, medication alerts or possible ways to save money. Early detection of potential health issues may lead to decreased health care costs.


Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a confidential, information, support, and referral service that offers tools and resources designed to help maximize employee productivity and meet the challenges of modern life. As an employer-sponsored program, EAP services are available to employees and their household members at no additional cost. Areas addressed by the EAP include child care and parenting, life events, financial issues, addiction and recovery and much more. Learn more about EAP

Improve Your Health

360° Health can help improve our members’ health


Members and their families, who are looking to make better health care decisions and live healthier lives, can find tools and resources they can trust when they go to MyHealth@Anthem at Whether a member is living with a chronic condition, ready to start a weight loss program or needs information on caring for an aging loved one, MyHealth@Anthem can help. Once they log on, they can access all kinds of health and wellness tools and resources like the following:

MyHealth Assessmentis the doorway to many 360° Health programs. By taking the MyHealth Assessment (available in English and Spanish), members can better understand their current health status and identify what positive changes they can make to improve their health.


The Personal Health Record lets members access and manage their medical records, privately and securely over the Internet. All information is stored in a central location that can be accessed anytime. Information can be shared with doctors to help ensure they know important details such as history of vaccinations, medications and test results.


The Childhood Immunization Scheduler projects children’s immunization schedules based on current clinical guidelines and their dates of birth. If a child has missed immunizations, the Catch-up Immunization scheduler can help identify which immunizations are needed.


Conditions Centers contain a wealth of information about managing a medical condition. Hundreds of articles and informational resources are available for download.


Anthem Care Comparison offers a side-by-side comparison of the costs for medical procedures at hospitals and other medical facilities. Additionally, Anthem Care Comparison can help members choose the right hospital by giving them access to scores about a hospital’s overall quality, including the number of patients treated in a year, complication rates for a particular procedure, if the hospital is a teaching hospital and more. Please note: This program is only available in certain areas.


Online Communities are a powerful way for members to find support from others going through similar experiences. This is an opportunity for members to relate to others to discuss health-related issues such as smoking, pregnancy, diabetes, depression, diet and nutrition and much more.


Health Videos feature current, trustworthy health information in a convenient and engaging video format. You can send members links to the videos or download them for podcast today.


WedMD Lifestyle Improvement Programsprovide a personalized, engaging and highly interactive way for members to address their risk factors like exercise, nutrition, smoking cessation, emotional health, stress management, or weight management. Each Lifestyle Improvement Program includes educational readings and journaling, planners and trackers that help drive steady improvement, and other tools to help members achieve their health goals.


The Symptom Checker can help members identify what type of ailments might be causing a particular pain or discomfort.


SpecialOffers@Anthem provides discounts directly from participating providers of alternative medicine such as chiropractors and acupuncturists, wellness products, laser vision correction and vision care, fitness club memberships and weight-loss programs.


Staying Healthy Reminders keeps members informed of the timing and frequency of important screenings, immunizations and other important health exams. Messages are targeted to certain age segments.


Worksite Wellnessprovides members with ways to get a jump start on improving their health right where they work. Our onsite programs help promote better health and cover topics such as flu shots and health screenings to wellness seminars and therapeutic massages.