There is going to be big news on these debate. The repeal passed the house and now it’s on to the Senate. Most experts give it little hope in the Senate. What is interesting about this debate is both side are really only focused on a small % of the total law.  The law has specific guidelines to Medical loss Ratio, Underwriting, Exchanges and Coverages.  These aspect have been talked about openly.  The other 1,000 pages to the law have not been discussed or even clarified.

As the debate goes on people need to know about the rest of the law and how it could impact us. 

Both sides of the debate view health care very differently. The Republicans believe  you create competition to lower the cost of health care and then more people will have coverage. The Democrats believeincreased benefits will bring down the cost in the long run and cover everyone. The Republicans do not want to gamble with 1/6th of the US economy. The democrats want every to be covered. Both of them want coverage that is affordable.