Health Insurance Narrow Networks

IBJ Anthem announced the development of a Narrow Network in Wisconsin. The narrow network is a limited preferred provider organization (PPO). This new network arrangement is not just for Wisconsin but the entire country. The health insurance industry is working on reducing costs and one way to do this is to negotiate deeper network discounts.  […]

Indiana Affordable Care Act Pricing

    Indianapolis Affordable Care Act Pricing – Current Estimates  ACA Insurer Fee:                    •       Effective 1/1/2014 •       2.68% tax off fully insured premium •       Applies to Small and Large Group – fully insured only                 Affortable Care Act Reinsurance Fee:   •       Effective 1/1/2014 •       $6.35 Per Member Per Month before state tax […]

Health Care Reform Predictions

In 2014, the health insurance landscape is going to change a great deal in Indianapolis. There is going to be new taxes on group health insurance plans. For fully insured group plans, there will be a 2.68% tax on those plans. On self funded plans, there will be $6.35 per member per month tax. These […]

Health Care Reform Glitch

NY Times reported a interesting view on health care reform.  They are reporting a glitch in the health care law. Under the Affordable Care Act, if an employee has access to group health benefits, then their dependents are not eligible for subsidies through the exchange. This is basically the short version of the argument. This aspect of the law have been interpreted by […]

Women’s Preventive Care Services Under PPACA

Wellness Video Above is a video that address some of the new changes for women’s preventive services covered under the new health care law.  In the past there has been coverage for these procedures but it was at a shared cost to the insured. Under PPAC these coverage are now covered at 100% with no […]

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Upheld

  The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, has been upheld by the Supreme Court. The law will stay intact as it is. In 2014 we will see the full effect of the law and the true impact on every US Citizen.  The Individual and small group health insurance markets will have the big change. […]

Health Care Reform and the Impact on Indiana

This is a great video explaining the negative consequences of the Health Care Reform law. The Governor gives an excellent explanation on how negative the impact will be. He also explains our Healthy Indianapolis Plan and how successful it has been. This plan might not qualify under the new federally requirements for health insurance.

Calorie Labeling under the Health Care Law

  Calorie Labeling under the Health Care Law  Here is one aspect of the health care law that has had really little attention. Calorie labeling! Under the health care reform law all restaurants with 20 locations must disclose calories on the menus and menu boards. Sodium, fat content and other nutritional information would have to […]

The Insurance Industry could still survive with No mandate.

The Supreme Court’s ruling should be out very soon on the Affordable Care Act.  If they overturn the individual mandate, you will hear terms like death spiral & adverse selection. A death spiral is where the healthy people leave the insurance market and there are only sick people left. This would increase premiums and the Insurance […]

Health Insurance Rebates

  A rule created by the 2010 health care law will rebate about $1.3 Billion in health insurance premiums, according to estimates from Kaiser Family Foundation. The rule known as the Medical Loss Ratio (MLR), mandates that health insurance companies spend 80% of all premiums on health care. The rebates will arrive to Indiana resident […]