Are You Eligible For Special Enrollment?

Did you or a loved one lose health insurance coverage in the last few weeks? You might still be able to get insured under special enrollment if you have a qualifying life event. Every health insurance provider has different requirements to get insured, but they all follow the same set of guidelines put in place […]

Anthem Individual Online Payment

If you to took out an individual policy from Anthem with a 1-1-14 start date, I would recommend making your payment online if you have not.   On Anthem On the Exchange Payment Portal  If you mailed in you check you will be better off submitted an online payment. Anthem is having a hard time […]

Federal Health Insurance Exchange

The new Indianapolis Health Insurance Exchange will go live in only one week!  Here at Nefouse & Associates, we are authorized to sell and service the exchange plans. There will be four options of coverage: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Under the Affordable Care Act, often referred as Obamacare, no one can be denied coverage […]

Group Health Insurance Options

With Health Care Reform there is a lot of uncertainty in the market place. You do have options! The 1st option is to go with a fully insured health plan. As you may know there are only a few companies that are competitive. We will deliver you the most competitive plan. Our relationships with the […]

Agents Will Be Part of Health Care Reform & Our Advice is Still FREE

There has been a lot of news about the government trying to replace Health Insurance Agents with non-licensed, non-insured and in-experienced “navigators” whom will be paid by the government and have less than 20 hours of training. The government has now realized they cannot successfully implement this extremely complicated law without agents. The government is now […]

Employer Mandate Calculator

Employer Mandate Calculator Many people have heard of the employer mandate. Under Health Care reform, employers with more than 50 full time employees to offer health insurance to their employees. IF they don’t they will have to pay a penalty that is not tax deductible. They may also have to pay a penalty if any of their employee get subsidies through […]

Health Care Reform Fear

The Hill has posted an interesting article about Senator Max Baucus. It looks like the Senator is worried about the communication of the health insurance laws. The Senator has had public conversations with HHS about getting actual information and not just concepts.  Since the Senator was one of the main authors of the bill he has a lot […]

Health Insurance Premiums In 2014

The Society of Actuaries released a study on the projected increases for health insurance premiums under the new health care laws. It does not look good. Our health insurance premiums are projected to go up 67% under the new health care laws.  This is a huge jump because of health care reform. We are one […]

Community Ratings For Small Group Health Insurance

In 2014, we are going to see a major transformation of the small group health insurance market. One of the biggest changes is the community ratings. No longer will a small group premium be based on medical conditions. This means most will groups will have similar pricing. Right now small groups in the area are medical […]

H.S.A’s Under Health Care Reform

  H.S.A Health Savings Accounts look to be qualified health plans under the health care reform act. This is huge news! Initially when the health care laws were passed, Health Saving Account we not considered qualified. This meant that if you had an H.S.A plan you would be subject to the tax penalty. From this report, the Actuarial Value calculator […]