Wellness Programs For Small Companies

A company wellness program is set up in the workplace to offer employees a kind of comprehensive health service, to encourage employees to adopt healthier lifestyles and to take measures aimed at preventing the worsening or onset of illnesses. In the last five years, wellness programs were supposed to bring the most amount of savings for group health insurance. These small […]

Smart Patient by UHC

Health insurance companies continue to create online tools and apps to help insured have better control of their health care. United Health Care has launched a new app call Smart Patient. This app is for either IPhone or Droid. The app will hold of the patient medical information and more. The application tracks 5 numbers […]

Preventive Services Under PPACA

Under the Health Care Reform there are new preventive care benefits that every Non Grandfathered policy will have to cover. Some of these benefits will be covered at no cost to the insured. It’s very important that you consult your current coverage to determine if these new benefits will be covered. There will be some plan that […]

Women’s Preventive Care Services Under PPACA

Wellness Video Above is a video that address some of the new changes for women’s preventive services covered under the new health care law.  In the past there has been coverage for these procedures but it was at a shared cost to the insured. Under PPAC these coverage are now covered at 100% with no […]

Mobile Technology For Health & Welleness

In the near future we will see Mobile Technology for health insurance and wellness in the from of an APP. People will have the option of downloading APP to their phone which will give them constant communication on health insurance and wellness programs. There are programs that are all ready developed like Calorie Counter.  The  next […]

On Site Wellness Centers

Indianapolis On Site Wellness Inside Indianapolis Business reported on a story about a Dorel Juvenile Group attacking thier health care cost with an On Site wellness clinc. The company CEO stated that their health care costs were around $6 million a year. It sounds that this company has a Self Funded plan which requires them to pay the majority of the claims. […]

Physician-Rating Measures

The major health carriers have developed a kind of efficiency rating for doctors and hospitals. These rating systems are directly communicating with the consumer.  The rating systems show price of a procedure and quality of care. So if an insured wants to look up how many times a doctor has performed a certain procedure they […]

Wellness Programs

The ever rising costs of employer sponsored group health insurance have driven more companies to elect high deductible health plans along with goal driven wellness programs. Under these types of wellness programs employee’s can reduce their out of pocket costs by meeting reasonable health goals. Goal driven wellness programs work best when the program is […]