Smart Patient by UHC

Health insurance companies continue to create online tools and apps to help insured have better control of their health care.

United Health Care has launched a new app call Smart Patient. This app is for either IPhone or Droid.

The app will hold of the patient medical information and more.

The application tracks 5 numbers that are essential to good health.

• Blood pressure
• Blood sugar
• Body mass index (BMI)
• Cholesterol
• Weight circumference

Smart patients are prepared with questions throughout their care.
• At a doctor visit
• Before a test
• After a diagnosis
• When filling prescriptions
• Before surgery
• When leaving the hospital
• If you need to go to the emergency room or urgent care

It also track Doctors Orders:

Once you have advice from your doctor, you’ll want to keep track of it. Store text notes or voice notes to refer to later, and delete them when you’re ready.

The app also has access to video that address certain health issues.

Get tips on when to have screenings, how to talk with your doctor, how to tell if it’s a cold or the flu, what to ask your pharmacist, and much more with short videos from UHC TV.

These types of tools are becoming more available to insureds. These tools come along with the policy so it does not cost you anything to use them. Why not take advantage of these tool to better control your health.

Smart Patient


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