Indianapolis On Site Wellness

Inside Indianapolis Business reported on a story about a Dorel Juvenile Group attacking thier health care cost with an On Site wellness clinc. The company CEO stated that their health care costs were around $6 million a year. It sounds that this company has a Self Funded plan which requires them to pay the majority of the claims. This group decided that they would attack these claims but placing a FREE on site clinic to their employees.

We really don’t have a lot of details about how they set up this program but they did speak about a health risk assesment. From the health risk assement that must have given them more information on the health care needs of the employees.  Groups over 100 lives should look at having a health risk assement of the group to provide information on the needs of the group.

With balloning health care cost companies are looking to take aggressive action to control and reduce the cost of health care.

Dorel Juvenile Group has taken a very active role with improving the health care of their employee’s.  In today’s enviornment of a unhealthy work force company’s have to become involed with their employees over