Health Savings Accounts look to be qualified health plans under the health care reform act. This is huge news!

Initially when the health care laws were passed, Health Saving Account we not considered qualified. This meant that if you had an H.S.A plan you would be subject to the tax penalty.

From this report, the Actuarial Value calculator gave a pass to the H.S.A plans under the Bronze category.  This means that local residents will be able to purchase an H.S.A plan inside and outside the exchange. Inside the exchange, a policy holder could qualify for subsidies which would pay a portion of the premium.

When the private carriers join the federal exchange the H.S.A plan may be their primary offering. This plan designs encourages people to become a consumer in their health care spending.

Some Hoosiers really dislike the H.S.A approach because there is no first dollar benefit. A first dollar benefit is co pays for office and RX. Other Hoosiers love the plan design. The plan design is very easy to budget for and the premium is less. If you are not using first dollar benefits why pay the higher premium?

This is very good news that these plans will still be a viable option in the area and for and the rest of the country.