Less Than 100 Days Before The Exchanges Open!

We’re less than 100 days away from the Indianapolis Federal Facilitated Exchange opening. There are two very big things that need to happen before October for the exchanges to be fully operational.  The first one is from a technical standpoint; the government still needs to complete the infrastructure of the exchange. This will enable government […]

Health Care Reform Glitch

NY Times reported a interesting view on health care reform.  They are reporting a glitch in the health care law. Under the Affordable Care Act, if an employee has access to group health benefits, then their dependents are not eligible for subsidies through the exchange. This is basically the short version of the argument. This aspect of the law have been interpreted by […]

Senator Johnson Questions Secretary Sebelius

  Senator Johnson Questions Secretary Sebelius Regarding Obamacare Cost Here is a questing  from Senator Johnson to Secretary Sebelius on the cost of the health care reform. The Senator has some of his facts mixed up and the Secretary seems to be unprepared for the questioning. The Senator was using cost estimate and predictions that had different time […]

Indiana Hospital Delays Construction plans

IBJ reported that Franciscan St. Francis Health plan to build an Emergency room and physician office building is on hold in Greenwood. “This is a result of concerns about the changing environment related to  National healthcare reform” The CEO of the hospital was reported saying. The hospital official stated that they have a real concern over […]

Why The Health Care Reform Employee Tax Subsidies Could Cost You More

The Hill Under the new health care reform law, if an employer’s group health insurance is considered unaffordable — a cost to the employee of more than 9.5% of household income —  the employee would be eligible for tax subsidies through a health insurance exchange.  As the law was originally interpreted, if the employee was […]

Independent Payment Advisory Board

One of the hot topics of the recent health care reform debate was the creation of the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB).  The board would have the power to implement changes to reduce the growth rate of Medicare, though Congress would have the power to overrule the IPAB decisions. The Independent Payment Advisory Board would […]