Less Than 100 Days Before The Exchanges Open!

link-exchange-placeWe’re less than 100 days away from the Indianapolis Federal Facilitated Exchange opening.

There are two very big things that need to happen before October for the exchanges to be fully operational.  The first one is from a technical standpoint; the government still needs to complete the infrastructure of the exchange. This will enable government agencies to transmit information between one another to see if one is eligible for subsidies. This is an enormous task because  Health and Human Services, Treasury, Homeland Security and other agencies will have to communicate with one another, and this has never happened before.

The next technical aspect is to finish the online portal for the Federal Exchange which will be operating in Indiana and many other states.

Let’s say that all of these technology issues are solved and tested. The next big issue is going to be outreach. Most have no idea how the exchanges are going to work.  Currently there are very few brokers that are touting the benefits of the exchange for Hoosiers. Luckily, we are!

It’s our belief that  many Hoosier families will benefit from the subsidies offered in the federal exchange. Contact us today to be prepared for Health Care Reform.


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