Indiana Comprehensive Health Insurance Association Policy Holders the 7,200 policy holders who currently have a health insurance policy through Indianapolis Comprehensive Health, I have some good news.

Most of you have never had good news when it comes to health insurance. Under the new health insurance laws, your luck might change!

The first and most important point is that you can not be declined or rated up for any ongoing condition. If you are on the ICHIA plan, then you know what it’s like to get declined for coverage. Well those days are over and  you could possibly see a rate decrease! We are still going to have age-based premiums, but you could end up getting a rich plan design for less of a monthly premium.

Don’t think that you’re stuck with only one choice for health insurance; there will be health insurance policies offered both inside and outside the exchange.  Should you want to really reduce your premium, you will have the option of buying an exchange policy with a subsidized premium. These policies will look like HMOs and have very narrow networks.

If you decide that you are not comfortable with the narrow network, then you can purchase a policy outside the exchange. We should have the option of open access PPO plans. PPO plans allow you to visit whatever in-network physician or healthcare provider you wish without first requiring a referral from a primary care physician. The premiums for these plans could, in fact, be cheaper than what you are paying right now.

It’s rare in the health insurance industry to be able to deliver good news, so we’re excited to be able to give you this! Stick with us for information about Health Care Reform, and once October 1 comes around, you can sign up for your insurance plan right from our website!



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