This is interesting that the house speaker would criticizes the Governor on the Healthy Indiana Plan.  When responsible leaders makes a decision to limit the enrollment into a subsidized health plan it usually comes down to math.  There are actuaries that can  predict what its going to cost to fund claims on a large group of people. Then we add into the equation a large group of people that are unable to get coverage elsewhere. So now we have a group of people that are high utilization which mean very high healthcare cost.  If you continue to add people to that plan how do you fund it?

INDIANAPOLIS — House Speaker Pat Bauer say Gov. Mitch Daniels has “obliterated” the state’s Healthy Indiana Plan by limiting new enrollment in the program.

Bauer said Tuesday that the action Daniels took in March after Congress passed the health care overhaul has hurt about 30,000 Hoosiers who he said cannot get health care coverage though other means.

Daniels ordered the Family and Social Services Administration to freeze enrollment for childless adults in the state’s medical saving accounts, saying the federal legislation will put 500,000 more residents on Medicaid and lead to higher state taxes.

Agency spokesman Marcus Barlow says no one has been removed from this plan, but enrollment is capped.