Healthcare Matters House Bill No 1004

Rep. Donna Schaibley introduced House Bill No. 1004

Beginning in 2025, nonprofit hospitals must submit, on average, how much they charge for each healthcare service they provide. Should a nonprofit hospital charge more than 260% of the Medicare reimbursement rate, it could be assessed a penalty. The penalty paid would be applied to fund the Indiana State Medicaid program.

This bill references A study by the Rand Corporation (nonprofit), which researched Indiana healthcare costs on behalf of the Employers Forum of Indiana. Key finds of the Rand study exposed Indiana as the 7th most expensive state for healthcare. On average, healthcare costs were 358% above the Medicare reimbursement rate.

Healthcare costs directly impact insurance premiums. This is why Health Care Matters- HB No. 1004 is such an important bill. Suppose employers and Insurance companies knew they would not pay more than 260% over Medicare for medical services. In that case, we could see a significant drop in health insurance premiums.

If you live in Indiana and pay for health insurance premiums or medical expenses, consider supporting this bill. Please visit the Rand study web page and view the interactive map of hospitals and what they charge. Then please reach out to your state representative and voice your support.

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