Drug Exceptions Under the Affordable Care Act

As the Affordable Care Act provides more and more clarification on the law, we are starting to see some serious mandates outside of what was known. If you are receiving health insurance coverage through an ACA-compliant plan, you may be eligible for additional drug coverage that is not currently covered by your plan. The law […]

All about small group self-funded insurance plans for Indiana

Self-Funded Plans What is a self-funded plan? It’s where an employer provides health benefits to employees out of the company’s own pocket. We have seen the introduction of self-funded plans for small groups in Indianapolis. Small employers are looking for options to try to control rate increases caused by the Affordable Care Act. The self-funded […]

Women’s Preventive Care Services Under PPACA

Wellness Video Above is a video that address some of the new changes for women’s preventive services covered under the new health care law.  In the past there has been coverage for these procedures but it was at a shared cost to the insured. Under PPAC these coverage are now covered at 100% with no […]

Some Positive News on ACO’s

My News Businessweek.com Reported a positive view of the Accountable Care Organization (ACO) The ACO is one of the main programs to reduce health care cost in the new health care law. This is really the 1st publication that states this type of approach to health care can be successful.  The Gov. is developing this […]

Medical Loss Ratio Explanation From Anthem

The new Medical Loss Ratio will have a huge impact on health insurance companies. There is major concern in the industry that we could see some carriers pull of certain markets. The market that creates the most concern is the Individual market. This segment of insured represent a small portion of the overall block of […]

New Indiana Grandfather Rules for Health Care Reform

New Rule for Grandfathered Plans Under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), health plans that existed on March 23, 2010 are generally considered “grandfathered plans.” Grandfathered plans are exempt from some of the health care reform requirements, including coverage of preventive care services with no cost-sharing and patient protections such as guaranteed access […]

Essential Health Benefits

These Treatments will no longer have annual or life time limits Alcoholism- Related Services Ambulance Services Asthma Education Bariatric Surgery Diagnostic Services Durable Medical Equipment Enteral Formula/Modified Low Protein Food Products Hospice Infusion Therapy Kidney Disease Treatment Mental Health Ostomy Supplies                              Pharmacy Physician Office visit (Diagnostic Services) Preventive Care Services Prosthetic Devices/Limbs Transplant  Services Treatment […]

Legislation Introduced to Repeal FSA and HSA Limitations

As the health care reform becomes more and more clear we are starting to see the debate to repeal certain aspects. This recent legislation to repeal makes a lot of sense. The entire purpose of the Health Savings Accounts and Flexible Spending Accounts is to make consumers more engaged in their health care spending.  With […]

Preventive Care Services Required By Law For Indiana

With the health care reform we are now going to see plans required to cover preventive care. It should be very interesting to see what kind of impact these coverages have on premium. There is no doubt that these additional coverage will increase premium. The problem right now is no one knows what kind of […]

Explanation of Health Care Tax Credit for Indiana

This is the clearest explanation that I could find on the health care tax credit. This information was put together by 15 attorneys that specialize in interpreting these types of laws. This is very complicated. What was spun as a simple tax credit is very difficult to qualify and understand.  A small business might end up spending […]