Chat with a Clinician

The health system is starting to change drastically, and we are seeing new delivery methods of care. The health insurance stakeholder needs to be faster to adopt innovations, and it’s partially their fault, as state law dictates most health practices and procedures. The health insurance industry is constantly investing in new methods to provide healthcare […]

Time to review the Insurance Benefits and Processes?

With the economic shutdown from COVID-19, is this a time review insurance benefits and processes? Every business is different, and COVID has impacted every industry, which may lead some employers to re-address their benefits and procedures. Process & Procedures: Employee education on Insurance Benefits has been changing the last five years, to a more digital […]

Indiana Association Health Plans (AHPs)

The Department of Labor released their final rule on the creations of Association Health plans. There has been a great deal of criticism and misinformation in the media.    The DOL final rules provide the guideline for setting up association health plans.  These plans would be governed by both State and Federal guidelines.  The Employee […]

Pancreatic Cancer Stage 4

August 29th, my Mom was diagnosed with pancreatic Cancer stage 4. The cancer was 4.3 cm on her pancreas and 1.2 cm on her liver. My Mom has had 5 session of chemo therapy at this time. During this time we also started a regiment of supplements.  IP-6 inositol & Selenium.  Mom has been taking 3,000 milligrams of IP-6 per day & […]

New Smart Phone App from UnitedHealthcare

  Health4Me App   Unitedhealthcare is one of the leading health insurance carriers when it comes to technology. They are not always user friendly but this Smart Phone App is really cool.   As you know the words cool usually are not in the same sentence as health insurance.   This app is to help families […]