Chat with a Clinician

The health system is starting to change drastically, and we are seeing new delivery methods of care. The health insurance stakeholder needs to be faster to adopt innovations, and it’s partially their fault, as state law dictates most health practices and procedures. The health insurance industry is constantly investing in new methods to provide healthcare to its members more conveniently, efficiently, and less costly.

Healthcare Innovations

The first healthcare innovation was a 24-hour nurse phone line. A member would call the number on the back of their insurance card and talk to a licensed nurse about what type of health care services they need. Urgent care, wait for an office visit, or emergency room. The 24-hour nurse hotline still exists, and most insurance carriers still list the number on the back of the card.

Video medicine was the next quantum leap in healthcare delivery. A member could speak with a healthcare provider on a live video feed about primary/simple healthcare symptoms. Then that healthcare provider can send a prescription to the member’s pharmacy. So in a matter of 15 minutes, someone can receive treatment and medication. Video medicine created a huge convenience. Instead of waiting to see a primary care doctor, which can take weeks, or sitting in a med check for an hour, you can get treated with just your phone.

The COVID pandemic forced Indiana and other states to allow healthcare to be delivered this way. Many state politicians refused to accept this type of healthcare because of fears of specific medication being overly prescribed. Even CMS, which oversees Medicare, allowed video medicine to be covered under government health insurance. The insurance industry and healthcare stakeholders all witnessed the value of the new healthcare delivery method. Doctor’s offices had less traffic and could treat more patients by using video medicine. Video medicine has helped close gaps in care.

Now We Come to a Chat Box with a Medical Professional

This could become the new norm, especially with the younger generation. You just log into your app, schedule an appointment, and list the reason for the Chat, health history, and form a payment. About $39 a visit. Then start chatting with the healthcare provider. They will review your health history, symptoms and may even ask for a pic of the infected area. Then they have a diagnosis, treatment plan and send the script to your pharmacy. The chat visit might only take 7 minutes. It’s not easy to tell if you’re chatting with a healthcare professional or if this is some AI program. Chat with a Clinician will become the preferred method of receiving essential healthcare services.

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