Anthem Individual Exit Indiana

Anthem announced that they would exit in the Indiana individual market in 2018. They are pulling all on exchange plans and will offer one off exchange plan in five counties. (Benton, Newton, White, Jasper & Warren)

It is estimated that Anthem insures 46,000 Hoosiers on the exchange and about 20,000 off exchange. This decision to not offer plans in 2018 is going to have a huge impact on these members. These Hoosiers may have fewer options for coverage and some may have no options now.

Why Would Anthem Withdraw?

For on exchange, it has been a challenge dealing with the government. This includes both administrations. There has been a continuous cycle of change with operations, rules and guidance. The lack of payment, for the cost sharing reductions is a major issue. Another issue may be the overall risk that the current individual block represents. In the last 2 years, Anthem has been the highest priced plan. If they cost the most, it’s difficult to attract low risk members. They could have been experiencing adverse selection.

Anthem will offer one off exchange plan in Benton, White, Jasper, Newton and Warren Counties.

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