Health Insurance Sites & Portals

I have read a lot of  blogs that are posted online about health insurance. There has been a really disturbing trend in most of these non broker sites. This trend is that the site is giving health insurance advice without having really any knowledge of health insurance. These blog post are beautifully written and designed […]

Short Term Health Policies

There is been a much higher demand for the short term health policies here in Indianapolis than in the past. I think the reason for this is the lower cost of the short term policy. In the past short term policy were manily used by students and singles that were in transition from one health […]

Buying Personal Health Insurance Online

As the explosion of health insurance sales online continues buyers need to be aware. Almost everyday I speak with a potential client that has received quotes online and thinks they are buying a certain type of plan. What they are actually buying is a plan that has limited benefits. This could be an honest mistake […]