March 15th to April 30th is the Special Enrollment Period

Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced a Special Enrollment Period (SEP) for people that did not have health insurance coverage in 2014 and were penalized. Then penalty came when you filed your taxes.

CMS has decided to make those who were unaware of the new law an opportunity to get coverage.

To be eligible for the SEP

  1. Can’t be currently enrolled in coverage through the health insurance marketplace or any other health plan.
  2. One will have to have paid the penalty for not being insured.
  3. One must state they were unaware of the individual mandate.

If you do not have coverage this is your last opportunity to get coverage for the year without a qualifying event.

For off the exchange plans, some carriers are allowing enrollments that meet these guidelines and other are not. Anthem will accept enrollment while UnitedHealthcare will not.

Here in Indiana and the rest of the country, trying to comply with CMS releases is always a challenging situation. At Nefouse & Associates we are able to digest these updates quickly, so we can help people.

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