Health Insurance for Children

Indiana Health Insurance for Children under the health reform act will no longer allow the insurance carrier to Pre X or decline children under 19 years of age. This is the first step in Health Care reform that is going to have a huge impact on Individual policy holders and carriers. Once this goes into […]

Rising Cost of Health Insurance

Every year Hoosiers experience increasing Health Insurance Premiums.  As Insurance Providers absorb the cost of claims premiums tend to go up.  Insurers increase premiums among the healthy to offset the cost of claims from the unhealthy.  As healthy people change jobs or switch insurance carriers the remaining people in the group are left to pick up the […]

Wellness Programs

The ever rising costs of employer sponsored group health insurance have driven more companies to elect high deductible health plans along with goal driven wellness programs. Under these types of wellness programs employee’s can reduce their out of pocket costs by meeting reasonable health goals. Goal driven wellness programs work best when the program is […]