A medical record folder being pulled from the ...

The individual health insurance industry can still decline coverage. These declines come from ongoing health conditions.  The insurance companies are very conservative at this time.

If you are declined coverage you have the option to appeal their decision. During appeal process, medical records will be order from all of your doctors.  These medical records can go back through your entire health history. There might be something within the records that you don’t even know about which can lead to a decline. This can be very frustrating, especially when there is a miss diagnoses that has not been updated. It’s the doctor responsibility to update your medical records. Many times they don’t.

Even if your appeal is denied you do have one option left. File a grievance with the carrier! This can be a very effective method to getting your policy approved.  Once the grievance is filed, now you have additional eyes looking at your case.  These additional eyes can help reverse the initial decline.

The grievance process can be a powerful tool for you wining a appeal.