Health Insurance Plans Outside the Exchange

Exchange, no exchange, where will you be getting your health insurance? Right now, most of the national carriers have decided to have limited participation inside the health insurance exchange. In Indianapolis’s Health Insurance Exchange, we are only seeing four carriers that have submitted plans to participate inside the exchange. The only carrier that will be selling exchange […]

Small Business Tax Credits In The Exchange

Well there is not much information floating around about tax credits for small groups on the health insurance exchange. If a small group employer was to purchase health insurance from the exchange they may be eligible for tax credits. That tax credit could be as high as 50% of the total premium the company contributed […]

Doctors and Exchange Health Insurance

New information has been released about health insurance exchange policies and premium payments. Under the new law, if you buy a policy from the health insurance exchange, you have a 90 day grace period to pay premiums. This is going to have a huge impact on how doctors treat exchange policyholders. Doctor may be reluctant […]

Dropping Group Health Benefits?

Health care reform is bringing new options for small and mid size group plans. Not just here locally, but for the entire country. One of the benefits of having a group health plan, is being able to offer guaranteed issue to employees.  This is where the group health plan will accept you, no matter what […]

Health Insurance Exchange in Indiana

It has been reported that Governor elect Mike Pence is not going to establish an Indianapolis State Based Health Insurance exchange.  If the state does not elect to set up our own exchange then a Federally-Facilitated Exchange will be set up without state partnership. HHS will establish and operate the Federal Exchange.  Indianapolis will still […]

Indiana’s New Governor’s Impact on Health Insurance

The next Governor of Indianapolis is going to have a huge impact on health insurance in the state. The first decision the Governor will have to make is on the Essential Benefits. It is the responsibility of each state to form the Essential Benefits.  The essential benefits are a set of health care service categories […]

Why The Health Care Reform Employee Tax Subsidies Could Cost You More

The Hill Under the new health care reform law, if an employer’s group health insurance is considered unaffordable — a cost to the employee of more than 9.5% of household income —  the employee would be eligible for tax subsidies through a health insurance exchange.  As the law was originally interpreted, if the employee was […]

Accountable Care Organizations

Chicago Tribune Accountable Care Organizations are starting gain traction.. Chicago looks like they have cut a deal with Anthem Blue Cross of Illinois to the ACO model in place. The ACO model is going to have physicians accountable for care. The physician will be rewarded for positive outcomes with patients. This is a huge jump […]