A new group, the States Alliance for Balanced Insurance Regulation, will represent small and midsize insurance-related businesses in the looming battle over the role of federal regulators. With health care reform we have seen the Office of Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight created by the Federal Goverment and SABIR is being created to in protecting the interests of small and mid-sized businesses within and related to the insurance industry.

David Bass will be the executive director of SABIR, and  former Congressman Barry Goldwater Jr. will be the president.

“SABIR will be fundamentally different from other major insurance associations in that we won’t be inclined to support federal regulation,” Bass says. “We were born of the sentiments and frustration from insurers across the nation. They have always operated under state regulation, and the intrusive federal government threatens not only their way of business but their existence as a whole…. SABIR aims to be the collective organ for the protection and promotion of balanced regulation of insurance.”