Wellness Programs

Wellness is a major factor in today’s employee benefits market. Nefouse & Associates understands why businesses feel wellness must be addressed. At a company level, wellness programs are an investment in the health and well-being of the employee. And healthy employees can lead to lower costs for the organization.

Wellness can be defined in several ways but the most prominent focus for businesses is wellness coaching. Wellness coaching is a tool for companies to engage employees in, in living a healthier lifestyle. Coaches should establish a close partnership with the individual employee. Also, it is paramount that the health coach truly cares about coaching each employee. The coach provides structure, expertise, and inspiration, which helps the individual to become healthier and live a higher quality of life.

Let us find the right wellness plan for your company!

Employers have a number of options when it comes to selecting a company wellness program. Not surprisingly, cost is a significant factor. Most insurance companies offer a wellness program with coaches at little or no cost, sometimes referred to as template programs. For a company without the budget for a full wellness program, these programs are an excellent place to start. Nefouse & Associates introduces these insurance carrier-sponsored plans to our clients and ensures the providers do their part.

Another option is a fully customized wellness program. Nefouse & Associates can recommend organizations that provide these choices. We are not compensated for the wellness programs we recommend. Our goal is to make sure that wellness vendors bring the most competitive priced program to the table.

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