2014 Federal Poverty Guidelines

Federally facilitated marketplaces will use the 2014 guidelines to determine tax credit eligibility.

Household Size100%133%150%200%250%300%400%
2$15,730 $20,921$23,595 $31,460$39,325$47,190$62,920
3$19,790$26,321$29,685$39,580$49,475$59,370 $79,160
4$23,850 $31,721$35,775$47,700$59,625$71,550 $95,400
5$27,910$37,120$41,865 $55,820$69,775 $83,730$111,640

These are the income levels and family size that will help to determine your tax credits.

  • If your household income falls under the 400% of federal poverty level, then you could qualify.
  • If your income is under the 250% of FPL, then you could qualify for cost sharing reduction on an Exchange plan. This means you will have a smaller out of pocket for medical claims.
  • At the 250% of FPL, your children could qualify for Hoosier Healthwise.

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