Health insurance premiums paid on behalf of wo...
Image via Wikipedia released a study showing a trend for small groups to shift towards a self funded health insurance. The report stated groups with as few as 50 employees could find savings in the self insured market.

We could see in the very near future where small employers entertaining taking on their employees medical risk in order to save money on health insurance premiums.

Stop-Loss Reinsurance products are being developed for small groups. This could create valuable options which would result in more choices for small group health plans.

The national carriers will not allow Third Party Administrators to get a market segment advantage. The national carrier will developed and market products to these groups. National carrier will develop administration only plans for small group.

Employers then will be able to weigh the pros and cons of a self funded health plan.  The self funded approach would give a small group an entirely new perspective on health care.

There are current self funded plans in the market.