Community Living Assistance Services and Support (CLASS)

This act is a government sponsored long-term care plan that offers a basic level of guaranteed issue coverage to working Americans. It works like social security where you pay in advance for the benefit.

Many of the details are still in development. As of right now the plan:

  1. Can be offered by employers.
  2. Could allow automatically enrolling all actively at work employees or offering on a voluntary basis.

Premiums would be paid through a payroll deduction except for:

Additional Information

Cost of Care Estimates (Annually)

Home Care:                                    $25,000+

Assisted Living Facility:                    $41,000+

Nursing Home Semi Private:      $72,000+

Nursing home Private:                       $81,000+

With the cost of care so high one should look into a Long Term Care policy to go along with the Class act.