There have been some huge jumps in technology when it comes to shopping for healthcare procedures. The large insurance companies have developed price shopping tools that resemble a menu. The ability to price shop an MRI on your lower joint within 20 miles from your zip code can make the difference of thousands of dollars. It’s truly amazing to see the price difference of the same procedure at different facilities. The interesting thing is the different locations are using the same equipment and processes. How can a hospital charge $1,800 more for an MRI than the clinic down the street?

This is why it is very important for people to starting looking at the cost of procedures.

Along with these price shopping tools there has been the development of “quality of care reports”. This is a very unique tool that can be informative for your future surgery. These reports contain information ranging from the percentage of complications, to the bed side manner of the attending physician. There are even reports on how clean the bathrooms are kept.  This type of reporting is extremely useful in deciding where you want to have a surgery.

These national health insurance companies put a lot of time and money into developing these tools and that is why it’s important you talk to us about where and how to access them.  Give me, Tony Nefouse, a call at (800) 846-8615 today.