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Indianapolis small trucking companies can face difficulties providing a group health insurance. There is variety of reason why this is. The biggest obstacle is participation. Many truck drivers will not pay large portions of their premium. This industry can sometimes have higher claims utilization than which lead to higher premiums. The higher premium then will reduce the participation in a company sponsored health plan.

There are a few ways to overcome the participation issue.

The first one is for the employer to pay the majority of the premium.  I know that might not be a feasible option but there are plan designs to offset the cost. Why not entertain a multi choice or dual option plan. The base plan would be the plan that employer pays the largest percentage of. Then buy up option for any employee that would like richer benefits.

A group health plan for a trucking company is an investment into the employees. So why not treat it that way.  If you are able to recruit the best drivers with the lowest infraction why not reward them with benefits.  These divers are making your company successful which increase the companies rating which could lead to more jobs.  Why not pay the majority of their premiums? View the health insurance plan as a way to recruit and retain the best drivers.

There is other option available other than these two.

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