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The Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) is an organization that researches a variety of health care topics.

They just released a quiz on health issues with the presidential election standpoint. It’s a brilliant way to test your knowledge of the politicians and their views on health care. With health care being one of the tops of the issue of the presidential election, it might be a good idea to test your knowledge.

The democratic candidates are in favor of a more socialized healthcare system if not thoroughly socialized. Having had gone through the Affordable Care Act, it is apparent how healthcare reform can have huge impacts on the current healthcare system.

With candidates supporting a Medicare for all or single-payer system we could see something of this magnitude getting passed into law. Our healthcare system would forever be changed.

A politician that is considering supporting or introducing any health care reform should hear from all impacted parties.

KFF does do an excellent job of creating an online quiz to test the voters’ knowledge of where the candidates stand on health care.

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If you have a United Health One policy you may have experienced a rate increase this year. This has become a major problem, not just from a cost standpoint, but also from a Qualifying Life Event (QLE) standpoint.

United Health One made a decision to move the renewal date of their Indianapolis members to December 31. At that time, this decision made sense with the information they had available. These members were able to keep their health plans and delay the impacts of the Affordable Care Act. The impact they were avoiding was a premium rate increase.

Now, United Health One is issuing rate increases to their individual plans in Indianapolis outside of the renewal period. These rate increases went through the Indianapolis Department of Insurance for approval. The IDOI approved these rate increases without fully understanding the QLE under the Affordable Care Act. In all fairness, the QLEs were not clarified until late March by the Health and Human Services and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

What is the Problem?

The rate increase of an individual plan is not considered a QLE. This means that you are unable to shop for new coverage. You have to wait for the policy renewal period. In United Health One’s case, that is in December for Indianapolis. Think you might have a QLE? Check out my blog to find out if you’re eligible for special enrollment.

I Have a Solution for You

If you received a rate increase and there is a better option out there for you, you have to wait until the renewal period. In my research, I have found one strategy that is available that may work for you. Contact me, Tony Nefouse, and we can discuss possible solutions and help you save money.

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