It turns out that everyone that has a health insurance policy will have to pay an additional $63 a year. This $63 is to help fund the health insurance industries risk for in 2014. If you have an individual, small group, large group or self funded plan you have to pay.

In 2014, the individual and small group health insurance carriers lose the ability to address risk. There will no longer be any underwriting to help the carriers offset risk.  In the 2000+ pages of the health care law was a provision that every policy holder must pay the $63.

This creates a major problem for large companies with self funded plan. They pay their own claims up to a certain stop loss.  They do not benefit from the health care laws of offsetting risk but now they have to pay for it.

So every policy holder in the country will have to pay this $63 a year to offset risk in the guaranteed issue market of health insurance.