1st Week of Open enrollment

openenrollmentThis has been another shaky 1st week of open enrollment.

A day before open enrollment began, there were changes from both CMS and the Insurance industry.
These changes had huge impacts on subsidy estimates and even premiums.

The insurance industry was offline for most of this week. They had their IT departments trying to resolve the issues as quickly as they could.
This create a huge barrier for even reviewing plans especially plans that showed cost sharing reductions.

We are still experiencing problems with tax credit estimations. We are seeing some problems with dependent children being eligible for coverage.
Example, you could be a household of 3, with an income of $35,000. The entire family should be eligible for the marketplace plan with tax credits and cost sharing reductions.
The estimators are stating the child is eligible for Children’s Health Insurance Plan (CHIP), but the child is not eligible under the requirements.

$35,000= $2,916 a month

Here are the eligibility requirements taken form www.indianamedicaid.com

Income level for a family of 3

HIP 2.0  =  $2,338

Hoosier Health wise = $2,646

This can lead to frustration with enrollments.

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