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This is a very broad question because one has to know what is important to them with their health insurance.

When searching for a health insurance company it is best to see advice from a local broker. The local broker will represent multiple companies and know market conditions. This is important knowledge that will lead you to the best health insurance.

Once you know what type of plan you want then you can get quotes. Quotes will vary from carrier to carrier.   You want the best priced health insurance product.  Not all health insurance products are equal. There is a huge variation in coverage’s.  Make sure you are getting quotes for apples to apples plan designs.

Every health insurance company has competitive areas. If you are in the market for a Health Saving Account plan a Golden Rule policy could fit your need.  With diminishing deductibles this has been a strong product. If you are looking for a rich co pay plan, then Anthem may fit those needs.

The best health insurance can come from either a national health insurance company or a regional health insurance company.

To find the best health  company, first decide what you want from a health insurance policy. That is your starting point in finding the best health insurance policy.