The White house is getting ready to launch a new campaign to sell the public on health care reform that was passed.  This is going to be a difficult sell.

Being a health insurance broker dealing  with all types of health plans and I have major concerns about the reform.

As of right now, I don’t know how you can sell the health care reform when we do not have explanations or interpretations of the entire bill. One of the biggest issues of right now is Grandfathered plans. Obama said that if you wanted to keep your health plan  you could. Well its not looking that way now. Right know the Gov. is unable to give an a clear view of what a grandfathered plan is. There should be explanations by now.

There are positive about the health care reform. The guaranteed issue is going to be huge for people suffering from disease. The only problem is are they going to be able to afford the premium or will the Gov. have to subsidize it?

When it comes to the exchanges that are going into place 2014. What carriers are going to participate?  The White house has demonized the health insurance industry so much how will they get them to cooperate?

I am very interested to see how the current adminstration can sell the public on why this is such a great bill.