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What Doctors Think of the Affordable Care Act

This document looks at how the Implementation of the affordable Care act will affect doctors.

The introduction is a snap shot of the uncertainties with the new law. The law it’s self is 2,700 page and the Department of Health & Human Services has already issued over 12,000 pages elaborating on the original document. It is expected there will additional clarifications needed. 

Reimbursement rates are a major economic concern with doctors. There are concerns with both Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement rates as it is. This could create a barrier for Doctors to embrace the ACA. It is estimated that Medicaid reimbursement rates are just 56% of private payment.

The attitude of the medical professional toward the ACA will have a big impact on the public. This article addresses some of those perceptions. One of those perceptions is if doctors feel the ACA will harm their ability to interact and treat patients. Doctors have concerns that medical decisions could ultimately made by the government. An example of this would the Independent Payment Advisory Board.

How will Doctors React to the new law. “If doctors cannot practice as they wish, it raises the question of whether they will practice.”