UnitedHealthcare Individual Health Insurance Billing Issues

UnitedHealthcare/UnitedHealth Life/ Allsavers have had major billing issues on their individual lines of coverage.

If you make a payment and it is not allocated to your account, that’s when problems begin. It’s almost like the payment stays in limbo. Automatic Bank Drafts are being drafted but are not posting to the account. In some situations, we are seeing the premium amount posting in installments.

There has been no explanation on what is causing the problems, however, they are working to correct these issues.

Earlier in the month of April, UHC was sending late notices not only to the member but to the member’s physician.

If you check your statement and it’s showing terminated and you know you made the payment.

Relax! Relax! Relax!

1st step is to call billing services and start a paper trail.

Once they have a “ticket” created for you case, resolution should happen. I would say timely manner but this problem should not be happening in the 1st place.

It seems there is no switch to flip to fix the problem all at once. Each case has to be correct manually.

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