Our Services

Nefouse & Associates is a relationship based agency

We stress the relationship we have built with both the carriers and our clients. We use our carrier relationships to deliver the best options the industry has to offer. Our relationships are built on trust. These relationships create savings from both a monetary standpoint and a time standpoint for you the client.


We represent our clients with the Insurance carriers. This means we work for you and not the carriers. Here at Nefouse and Associates we feel the carriers work for us. This is a very different view than most agencies. We will represent your best interest in the health insurance market. This means the options we bring to the table are the best options for your situation.

Group Health Market

We can take your health insurance needs to market on your behalf. If you are a group plan, we will shop out the health benefit plan from the best carriers. We will also create competition from the carriers to win your business. We are able to do this in a situation where underwriting is involved. This creates huge savings for our clients. When we create carrier competition it brings out the best in everyone.

Individual Health Market

This is a very confusing area for the consumer. We are able to recommend the best plans for everyones unique situation. We have a high knowledge of both on and off the exchange market. We can deliver the best health plan to meet your budget.

Ancillary Market

We are able to offer, the best Dental, Vision, Life, & Disability plans in the market. This has become a very competitive market place. There are carriers that are willing to compete for your business plans.

When it comes to this type of Individual and Family coverage we have already searched the market place for the most competitively priced products. We understand life is very busy so if you don’t have time to take a physical for Life Insurance of Disability, we are able to offer a simplified process.

Administration Service Only Plans (ASO)

We have seen the emergence of the self funded and partial self funded plan options. We have an extensive background in the self funded market. These insurance vehicles can be complicated and we are able to explain it if this is a good option for your case. We have become very good at saving our clients a large amount of money using these arrangements. We are able to deliver the deepest network discounts to our clients on claims. We also make sure the clients retain those network discounts.


We deliver a high level of education to our clients on how insurance plans work. This is an important service because most people find insurance to be a confusing subject. We can educate employees or families on how the plan is going to impact their family and loved ones. We also stress the value of such benefits.

Customer Service

We take our agent responsibility very seriously. We will deliver you a high level of services when it comes to medical claims, administration, or answering questions. We are always here to answer your call or to respond to your emails. We will always respond in a timely manner.