Was recently launched to help people understand what options they have from a health insurance standpoint. The site also incorporates disease management.

So now every0ne has  a tool that they can use to look at health insurance options. In the past a % of the population has gone uninsured because they did not know their health insurance options. Now one can educate themselves on the private industry options along with gov subsidized options. With the expansion of medicaid more and more people are going to qualify. Right now in Indianapolis we have a program subsidized program call (SCHIP) State Childrens Health Insurance Plan. There has been little to none marketing of this plan to Hoosiers. Its that a large % of children that are uninsured would qualify for this program if their parents would knew about it. This website will give out  valuable information on subsidized plans.

The site also has a disease management aspect to it. One can go and look and take a mini health assement. With this information one can get tips on living a more healthy life style. There is also information on preventive screenings and when you should have them.

All in All it looks to be a source of information but there are several aspects of it which I don’t care for.