McKinsey study just released the methodology that they used to generate the report. The group released questions and results by the people that took the survey.

This study has become political so there will be arguments on both sides for and against.

I looked at the survey and results.

First thing that jumped out is over 35% represented companies with less than 50 employees. This is very important aspect of the survey with relations to health care reform. If a group is under 50 employees they will not have to provide benefits in 2014.

 When it came to the question about dropping health benefits in 2014 almost 29% of the surveyors that said they would drop benefits came from the under 50 class. This makes complete sense for these groups to look at alternative through the health insurance exchanges.

The other aspect of the survey that was interesting was that none of the surveyors had 100% complete authority over the group health insurance.

I do not think you can discredit the study. This was a 100+ questionnaire that people took the time to answer.

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