A specialist cardiology stethoscope.
A specialist cardiology stethoscope. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Local residents are still faced with challenges when it comes to purchasing an Individual or family policy.

One of the biggest challenges is with underwriting.  Currently you still can be declined coverage due to ongoing health condition or what is in your doctors a record.

Most people have very little knowledge what your doctors attending physician statement say about you.   For some reason the Doctors are not real willing to give out this information even though they are your records.  Most medical practices will charge you $25 and only release the records on a certain day of the week.

It is very important that you  discuss with your doctor what is listed. Far too many times the doctor is listing diagnoses without ever telling you.  Some of the times those diagnoses are wrong or no longer valid.

Now you go out to market to purchase a individual health insurance policy. The insurance company requests your attending physician statement.  Next thing you know you are being declined coverage because of something listed in your medical records that you are unaware of. Then you call your doctor and find out well “I just had not updated my records.”

Now you are faced will appealing the insurance companies decision and get your doctor to release correct medical information. This will cost you time and money.

Everyone should request copies of your medical records on an annual basis so you know what is in those records.  This way there are no surprises.