For 2011 we have seen a increase in underwriting standards for policies to be issued.

There are different levels of approval. Preferred Best would be the best rating which means you have no ongoing health conditions. Standard 2 would be the highest risk where a Insured has multiple conditions that are being treated or high risk.

In 2010 carriers were excepting standard 2 clients. Now we are seeing a shift where they are declining them. It’s very common in our population to have someone overweight and suffering from high blood pressure or cholesterol. These people we use to be able to obtain a policy but now they are being declined.

Many people are not organized with their own health conditions. It’s very important while you are looking  for a policy that you communicate all of your conditions to your broker before you apply.  Some carriers will decline those condition while others will rider them. Speak to a professional that can guide you through this process before submitting applications to a carrier.

With underwriting guidelines changing it extremely important to speak with an agent that knows the market place.