SCHIP Expansion up to 250% Income Guidelines / Premiums

This is an interesting program that very few people are aware of. If your house hold income is below 250% of the federal poverty level then you may be eligible to put your children on this health plan.

Currently in Indiana the SCHIP program is being admin through Hoosier Health wise. So for a family of 4 to be eligible the house hold income cannot exceed the 250% of the federal poverty level ($53,000).

So if you are a business owner, controller, or a citizen of Indiana you should know about this program.

Being a business owner or controller it’s important to be able to advise newly hired employees and existing employee that they might be eligible to put their kids on this program.  Currently most group health plans could cost an employee or company much more than what it would cost on SCHIP. On SCHIP two children could cost up to $70 a month in premium. In the private sector those same kids could cost anywhere from $120 and up depending on the group and plan design.

This program could help out a lot of Hoosier families.

Now here are is one of the big obstacles of the plan. The child must be uninsured for 3 months before they are eligible.  This is a huge obstacle.

From an employer standpoint they should inform any new hires with children about this option.  With the current economic conditions we are seeing a lot of families that are going uninsured do to cost. So they might qualify for SCHIP which will reduce what they are spending on premiums.

This October 2009 we might see an increase from 250% to 300% of the federal poverty level to qualify.

This program has very little advertising to it.