Kaiser has reported that HHS will delay the “Basic” Health plan until 2015.  The “basic” health plan was to help people that are making 2 times federal poverty level.  This plan is to be designed with very little cost to insured both from a claims and premium standpoint. The other advantage to this plan is if the insured income increase they do not have to pay back the premium subsidies.

The problem with the delay is many state insurance programs are ending Dec. 2013. This Basic plan was suppose to be one option for those people. Indianapolis comprehensive health, which is our high risk pool, could be shutting down at the end of 2013.  We could have the same situation with Hoosier Health wise or Health Indianapolis plan. These plan could be gone at the end of this year. This “Basic” plan is intended to fill in the gaps for coverage for people that can’t afford the premium subsides on the exchange.

This is a Government Health Insurance plan. This plan could be seen has competition to private health insurance companies. The Government plan does not have to follow the same rules as a private insurance plan.  Could every household with income of $46,000 elect this plan, Maybe!