Rep. Wally Herger (R-Calif.) filed a discharge petition Tuesday that would get rid of the Democrats’ health care reform and replace it with a Republican alternative.
His push follows Rep. Steve King’s (R-Iowa) petition to simply repeal the reform without replacing it with new legislation. King’s petition currently has 170 supporters, while Herger’s got 28 in its first day.

I think the Repeal process is going to continue. The Republican party realizes the negative impact that the health care reform is going to have.  We are starting to see some estimates of the cost of the health insurance exchange and its very high. The burden to small business that this health care reform is going to have is very high. The cost to the states with the expansion of medicaid is extremely high.  The high probability of small group health carriers dropping out of the market is likely because of the reform. The Medical Loss Ratio impact on all health insurance providers could force carriers to exit certain regions. The medical review panel for Medicare could be seen as the death panel because they will decide what is covered.  The tax penalty for not carrying insurance can be seen as unconstitutional. This is just a few bullet points as you did into the bill from actuarialstandpoint the reform could collapse the entire health care system.

This is why we will contiune to see a push to Repeal this law. We will also see the conservative party go after funding for this law.